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Figure 3. HRP inactivation by plasma treatment

Plasma treatment was performed
with 110 mL HRP (1 kUmL@1) in KPi buffer (100 mm, pH 6.5) without
guaiacol. Activity was measured by diluting the treated samples to
0.1 UmL@1 in KPi buffer including 5 mm of guaiacol and subsequent addition
of H2O2 at a final concentration of 0.25 mm. Guaiacol conversion was immediately
monitored at l=470 nm and activity calculated from the initial slope
during the first 30 s. From the same treated samples, absorption spectra
were measured with a 1:5 dilution in KPi. The inset shows the Soret band of
HRP with Amax at &403 nm. Spectra are displayed with the untreated sample
as blank, thereby showing a decrease in absorbance at the Soret peak. Data
were recorded in triplicate for both activity measurements and spectra.


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