Plasma Repositories on the Web

An almost complete list of plasma related data repositories can be found at

The relevant repositories for low temperature plasma physics are

INP Greifswald

The interdisciplinary data platform INPTDAT provides easy access to research data and information from all fields of applied plasma physics and plasma medicine. It aims to support the findability, accessibility, interoperability and re-use of data for the low-temperature plasma physics community.

Data Repository


Database for cross sections of electrons with atoms and molecules, interaction potentials for ion neutral collisions, oscillator strengths for the calculation of absorption and emission of molecules, compilation of swarm data. At the heart of the Plasma Data Exchange Project is LXcat (pronounced "elecscat"), an open-access website for collecting, displaying, and downloading electron and ion scattering cross sections, swarm parameters (mobility, diffusion coefficient, etc.), reaction rates, energy distribution functions, etc. and other data required for modeling low temperature plasmas. The available data bases have been contributed by members of the community and are indicated by the contributor's chosen title.