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Supplementary Figure 9. Analysis of reaction products of rAaeUPO and plasma-treated buffer.

A reaction mixture of 300 μl plasma-treated buffer, 5 μl ethylbenzene, and 50 μl of 1 μM rAaeUPO were mixed and incubated for a total time of 30 min. The final reaction volume was extracted with 300 μl ethyl acetate containing 2 mM of 1-octanol as injection standard. The organic phase was transferred to a new vial, dried with MgSO4 and measured with a Shimadzu 2010 GC system containing a Hydrodex β-6TBDM column (Macherey-Nagel, Germany). Using plasma-treated buffer and rAaeUPO, only the R-enantiomer of 1-phenylethanol was detected (light blue). Omitting either plasma treatment (red), substrate (green) or rAaeUPO (purple) did not yield any product (R-PhOl: (R)-1-phenylethanol).

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