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Supplementary Figure 15. Conversion of ethylbenzene to (R)-1-phenylethanol with immobilized rAaeUPO.

Either 110 μl of plasma-exposed (5 min treatment time) KPi buffer
(blue) or 0.7 mM H2O2 in KPi (red) were transferred to a vial containing 5 μl ethylbenzene and
immobilized rAaeUPO. The samples were incubated for 15 min with constant shaking before
transferring the supernatant to another vial. The supernatant was extracted with the same
volume of ethyl acetate containing 2 mM 1-octanol as internal standard and dried with MgSO4.
The same sample of immobilized rAaeUPO was then used for another cycle of conversion in
a new reaction solution. The experiment was performed three times independently.

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