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The group "Allgemeine Elektrotechnik und Plasmatechnik" at the faculty for engineering and information science.

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A new 2D fluid-MC hybrid approach for simulating nonequilibrium atmospheric pressure plasmas: density distribution of atomic oxygen in radio-frequency plasma jets in He/O2 mixtures

A spatially two dimensional fluid-MC hybrid (fluid-kinetic) simulation method is developed and applied to the COST reference microplasma jet operated in helium with an oxygen admixture of 0.5\%, excited by a single frequency voltage waveform with f=13.56 MHz and Vrms=275 V. The simulation approach is based on a fluid model augmented by a Monte Carlo module that generates electron impact rates for the continuity equations solved by the fluid module. The simulation results are compared to previous measurements of atomic oxygen densities (Steuer D et al. 2021 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54 355204), and show a very good agreement. It is found that the buildup and saturation of the atomic oxygen density distribution along the jet are due to the interplay of chemical and electron impact reactions as well as of the gas flow.

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COST-jet, consists of two identical and co-planar parallel electrodes made of stainless steel. The electrode gap is 1 mm. The electrodes are enclosed by two quartz plates confining the plasma volume to 1×1×30 mm^3. The frequency is 13.56 MHz, the RMS voltage amplitude is 275 V.
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99.5% He / 0.5% O2, with varying gas flows (1.0 slm, 0.6 slm, 0.2 slm)
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Mate Vass
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