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The group "Allgemeine Elektrotechnik und Plasmatechnik" at the faculty for engineering and information science.

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Metastable argon atom kinetics in a low-pressure capacitively coupled radio frequency discharge

The kinetics of excited atoms in a low-pressure argon capacitively coupled plasma source are investigated by an extended particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo Collisions simulation code coupled with a diffusion-reaction-radiation code which considers a large number of excited states of Ar atoms. The spatial density distribution of Ar atoms in the 1s5 state within the electrode gap and the gas temperature are also determined experimentally using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. Processes involving the excited states, especially the four lower-lying 1s states are found to have significant effects on the ionization balance of the discharge. The level of agreement achieved between the computational and experimental results indicates that the discharge model is reasonably accurate and the computations based on this model allow the identification of the populating and de-populating processes of the excited states.

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The measurements are performed in a plasma reactor, which consists of two plane parallel stainless steel electrodes with a diameter of 119 mm placed inside a borosilicate glass cylinder with an inner diameter of ~120 mm. The gap between the electrodes is set to 30 mm. Before the measurements, the system is pumped down to a base pressure below 10^{-4} Pa. The discharge is operated in Ar gas of 6.0 purity. The reactor is operated with a driving frequency of 13.56 MHz by means of an RF generator
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The plasma is analyzed using TDLAS technique and PIC/MCC simulations
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The flow rate is kept in the domain of 1-3 sccm and the pressure range for the measurements is 2.5-150Pa.
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