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Figure 7

Time averaged total electron impact dissociation rate of N_2 molecules obtained from PIC/MCC simulations using a cross section adopted from for different numbers of driving harmonics, N, and nitrogen admixtures, for ‘peaks’-voltage waveform with a peak-to-peak voltage of 400V. The powered electrode is located at x=0, while the grounded electrode is at x=1mm. The base frequency is f=13.56MHz.
Experimental data are marked as exp
Simulation data are marked as sim
x [mm] , y[m^{-3}s^{-1}]
(Figure7_N1): sim Total diss. Rate for N = 1 and 1sccm N_2 admixture
(Figure7_N2): sim Total diss. Rate for N = 2 and 1sccm, 2sccm, 4sccm N_2 admixture
(Figure7_N4): sim Total diss. Rate for N = 4 and 1sccm, 4sccm, 10sccm N_2 admixture

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