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The research will focus on the fundamentals of non-equilibrium plasmas and their interaction with the surrounding media such as solids or liquids using spectroscopic techniques.

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State enhanced actinometry in the COST microplasma jet

A new actinometry approach, state enhanced actinometry (SEA), is presented. This diagnostic uses the emission of the atomic states O(3p3P (λ=844.6 nm), Ar(2p1) (λ=750.4 nm) and He(33S) (λ=706.5 nm) and allows the atomic oxygen density and the mean electron energy to be determined simultaneously from the spectral line intensity ratios. Here, the atomic states are selected in a way that they cover a wide range of the electron energy distribution function (EEDF). The method is compared to classical actinometry and energy resolved actinometry (ERA) based on measurements on the COST microplasma jet. In addition, a benchmark against two-photon absorption laser induced fluorescence (TALIF) measurements is performed. Both atomic oxygen densities and mean electron energies are in good agreement with the literature. Furthermore, SEA offers a number of advantages over known approaches. Firstly, the experimental complexity is significantly reduced by using time-integrated spectra instead of phase-resolved measurements, as used in the original ERA approach. Secondly, the resolution of the energy measurement can be
significantly improved by the use of the helium state. In addition, known uncertainties e.g. due to excitation of oxygen excited levels via metastable oxygen states can be reduced.

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Voltages (rms) between 160 and 260V.
English (United Kingdom)
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1 slm He, 5 sccm O2, 0.5 sccm Ar.
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Steuer, David
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Ruhr-University Bochum
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Golda, Judith