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The research will focus on the fundamentals of non-equilibrium plasmas and their interaction with the surrounding media such as solids or liquids using spectroscopic techniques.

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2d spatially resolved O atom density profiles in an atmospheric pressure plasma jet: from the active plasma volume to the effluent

Two-dimensional spatially resolved absolute atomic oxygen densities are measured within an atmospheric pressure micro plasma jet and in its effluent. The plasma is operated in helium with an admixture of 0.5% of oxygen at 13.56 MHz and with a power of 1 W. Absolute atomic oxygen densities are obtained using Two photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence spectroscopy (TALIF). The results are interpreted based on measurements of the electron dynamics by Phase Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy (PROES) in combination with a simple model that balances the production of atomic oxygen with its losses due to chemical reactions and diffusion. Within the discharge, the atomic oxygen density builds up with a rise time of 600 µs along the gas flow and reaches a plateau of 8x10^15 cm^-3. In the effluent, the density decays exponentially with a decay time of 180 µs (corresponding to a decay length of 3 mm at a gas flow of 1.0 slm). It is found that both, the species formation behavior and the maximum distance between the jet nozzle and substrates for possible oxygen treatments of surfaces can be controlled by adjusting the gas flow.

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COST-jet, consists of two identical and co-planar parallel electrodes made of stainless steel. The electrode gap is 1 mm. The electrodes are enclosed by two quartz plates confining the plasma volume to 1×1×30 mm^3, the frequency is 13.56 MHz.
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The gas flow is varied from 0.2 to 1.2 slm. The gas mixture is fixed to helium + 0.5% oxygen. The power is fixed to 1 W.
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The discharge is operated in helium (5.0 purity) with 0.5% oxygen (4.8 purity) admixture. The temperature is roughly room temperature.
Plasma Medium Procedure
The gas flow is varied from 0.2 to 1.2 slm. The gas mixture is fixed to helium + 0.5% oxygen.
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Steuer, David
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